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Press coverage is one of the most cost effective ways to create the buzz around your brand and products you need in order to be successful. Our experienced staff consists of former journalists that know what’s needed in order to get the job done.  We work closely together with the largest B2B and B2C publications in Europe, with a deep understanding for technology ourselves giving us the competitive edge to understand your company and products better than standard PR agencies in order to be capable of pitching features and to control outcomes like your product manager would do it himself.



  •  Media Relations – creating product PR through reviews, technology articles, market comparisons and round-ups
  •  Product Publicity – creating product PR through opinion leaders and early adopters, such as bloggers, heavy forum users, youtubers
  •  Video Product Presentation – wether produced inhouse as assets to be used for website and social media, or professional interviews and product walkthroughs with journalists on showfloors
  •  Press Release – localised and distributed or professionally written from scratch
  •  Transparent Reporting – PR echo provided monthly through detailed clipping reports as well as working status on all PR activities visible all time and updated daily
  •  Review Updates – PR successes send within a monthly newsletter, not only for additional reporting reasons, but also to keep everyone up to date. Co-workers, customers, resellers – you name it
  •  Sample Logistics – all samples are shipped from our warehouse in Hamburg where we also have all ressources to refurbish and reset samples to be used several times, such as notebooks


"Being an IT editor I appreciate PR contacts that not only provide well-structured and informative press releases but also answer productspecific questions fast and based on profound knowledge. This is exactly what the friendly team of stands for."

Kai Tubbesing, Editor, Tom's Hardware

"Competent, fast and reliable: These three qualities make a superior partner."

Marcel Schreiter, Editor-in-chief, Allround-PC

" manages to be an excellent support for our editorial tasks. On the one hand they have the know-how to help in several topics, on the other hand their team is tireless in providing the information we need."

Dennis Bode, Editor-in-chief, Hardwareluxx

"Fast, reliable and always kind - a collaboration like it should be."

Dennis Christ, Editor, SFT

" is one of the most ideal partners by my side. Reliability is the biggest strength of"

Carsten Lissak, Editor, Computerbase

„We work with for serveral years and we are completely convinced by their professionality. Inquiries are answered fast, friendly and competent. By now represents several well-known brands, who profited from their quality services.“

Michael Nürnberger, Editor-in-chief, Technic 3D

"The things we aprecciate most about the collabaration with are the high reliability, constant availability and competent contact persons. An early approach and accessible press releases by are extremely helpful especially when it comes to time-critical product launches."

Robert Juckel, Editor-in-chief Tweak PC

"Working with is always a pleasure. They support IT media very quick and comprehensively through different communication channels which is really helpful in our fast moving industry.“

Frank Schräer, Editor-in-chief,

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