"Markensturm.com provides the "PR Carefree Package" - whether it's press releases, sample management, taking care of editors or regular reportings. We especially appreciate the reliability and know-how."

Jorge-Enrique Rupp, Product Manager, HMC Hightech Media Components GmbH & Co. KG for Edifier

"A young, flexible agency with creative and integrated solutions in all fields of brand communication."

Peter Hirschfeld, CEO, HMC Hightech Media Components GmbH & Co. KG for Wavemaster

"Markensturm.com has been our trusted partner for many years and their performance just continues to exceed all our expectations in sales and marketing activities."

Hannes Wallin, CEO, Fractal Design

„Markensturm.com has been providing exceptional sales, marketing and technical support for Rivet Networks’ line of Killer Networking products for over 8 years.  Markensturm.com has helped us grow our European business into a fast growing and profitable part of our company.  They have shown great flexibility and creativity over the years and they will absolutely be a trusted partner for years to come.”

Michael Cubbage, CEO, Rivet Networks

„The key to every marketing action in a region is all about local knowledge. With Markensturm.com, I feel that we get someone that can really adapt our company values and still always be on top of the local market. I can relay on the data and execution to be done as I would do it myself.“

Johan Borggren, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Tesoro

"Reliable, fast and accurate, combined with good personal contact and perfect communication. Markensturm.com has proven to be the ideal partner for our demands."

André Stimm, Marcom Notebooks, GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd / G-Style Ltd

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