Besides all agency services we have formed a trading business unit as well following our clients’ needs and demand which at this moment consists of two different parts, niche distribution and Spare Part Sales.


Killer Networking Distribution

Special products need custom made sales solutions. The Killer Networking WiFi modules made by Rivet Networks are superior network solutions made for latency critical applications such as online games, video streaming, video chat, VoIP. Used by many major EU notebook integrators that offer high end BTO systems such as XMG, PC Specialist, BTO and ONE. We stock and distribute those products and bypass general distribution structures in favor of focused customer research based sales as well as support of such accounts within their own product PR and customer service.

Learn more about the Killer network solutions:
Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650
Killer Ethernet E3000

Fractal Design Spare Part Center

To highlight the European origin of our Swedish client Fractal Design, we built a superior after sales service for our customers. One part of it is the Spare Part Center where everyone that has a Fractal Design product can get free spare parts in case something broke during their warranty time, or simply buy it at a cheap rate after that. We promise that everyone that decides to buy a Fractal Design product will be happy with it. And when we say everyone we don’t mean 99,5% - we mean 100% Period!